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Do not do any work for a company called nu-tech refrigeration based in Sydney. They do not pay their bills, and make sub-contractors wait for payment.

They use subbies as their bank. The owner of this company has been broke before and is looking like doing it again. We have been calling continuously and waiting for over 5 months for works done last year (2011) and still without payment.

I am sick to death of sub-contractors always footing the bill for non-paying head contractors. This has to stop.

I will be posting this on any available website so that others do not get caught out. this is not an isolated non-payment, i have spoken to many of their sub-contractors and all are overdue for payment.

Monetary Loss: $60000.

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He's a diss loyal fat *** even his own bike club kicked him

Out. I worked for him as a apprentice. The guy is just a *** bag and can't be trusted.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #818451

Do not EVER work for that man again ,,,he takes the industry for a ride everytime ,but you guys go back for more everytime.


I do feel sorry for those sub-contractors waiting on payment, I have been lucky enough to have my own refrigeration business for 11 years now and make sure that all accounts and sub-contractors are paid on time every month as they are very vital for the success of the company. I have had previous experience with the owner of 'Nu-tech' with his first company that went broke and all situations occurring now are similar to what happened with his first business. I would advise all contractors to chase up their invoices owing and do not do any further work for the company.

Written by an owner of a refrigeration business based on morals and principles.


we are also waiting on payment that is overdue more than 120days.....

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